Friday, June 15, 2012

Website update: Keywords

One week ago I talked to two guys who knew a lot about search engine optimization. I wrote here on this blog about our conversation. Yesterday I went to their office and we discussed the possibilities of creating a new website. I told them some more about GDI and also about Rolution. Unfortunately they still weren’t interested in joining my business. They explained to me that making a website for a subject like this should begin with keyword research. Until now that’s something I never heard of and certainly not do for my GDI website.


A keyword is a word used by people to search for something. That word gives a list of results. It’s important that your website will be found when the keywords are used that matches your website. For example this blog should come up when people look for information about network marketing. This can be on the first page in the search results or page two hundred. When your website is finished you can focus on getting your website higher in those results by using search engine optimization. It’s important that the keywords you want your website to be found on are in the website title or the url.


They showed me how they do keyword research using the Google keyword tool. This is a free tool and everybody can use it. The showed me that the keywords ‘network marketing’ are used 49.500 times per month. That means that if my website would be on the first page the website could get this number of visitors. They also showed me that people use the keywords ‘global domains international’ 6.600 time per month. When you decide what your website will be called or what the address well be it’s important to find out what kind of keywords you want your website to be found on.

When you’re building a website about GDI and you put ‘global domains international’ in the url you should come up when people use these words when they are searching the web. If I understand correctly it is better to go for a url with keywords that are used more often like ‘network marketing’. When I choose my website name I didn’t know that so for me there’s more reason to create a new website from the beginning. With this website I should take all the right steps and really get an incredible website with lots of visitors.

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