Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use Tags page for free backlinks

Onother website I came across is It’s very easy to get a backlink from this website. Just press ‘add tag’ or ‘free tag #1, #2, #3 or #4. Then select ‘exclusive starting at only $ 1,-‘ or ‘free’. Then you can enter a tag.

Use the keyword you want to be found on. In previous posts we’ve explain how important it is to use the right keywords. To refresh your memory here’s a short explanation:

The Google Keyword Tool can be used to see how people use curtain keywords when they’re searching the internet. When you have a website about Global Domains International you want your website to be found when people use these words to find information or maybe they want to sign up. Either way your website should come up. Using the Keyword Tool can show you how many times people use a word. For example people look for ‘Global domains international’ 6600 times a month. Sometimes people forget the s and their for ‘Global Domain International’ is also used 1000 times a month. When you use both of these keywords and you end up at the first page in Google you can get over 7000 visitors a month for free to your website.

Now that you know why keywords and backlinks are so important again you understand that using the right keywords on can help you get found for the words you want people to find your website.

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