Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Join one or both opportunities?

Often I get the question if people should join Rolution or Global Domains International. In fact they ask which one is the best. My answer to this question would be to join both companies because they are the same in so many ways. Building a website for one of the opportunities is a great way to promote the offer but building a website for both is the same effort and you’re promoting two instead of one offers. The kind of information on the website would be the same. The only thing different is that you have to write two sale pages and maybe a page where you describe both opportunities combined. The rest is the same. Using social media, free advertisement, SEO, video marketing and other ways to promote the opportunities online can be described on the website. Why share this information? Why not? You want to expand your business, people that join you network want the same thing. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that when you invest in helping others becoming successful with GDI or Rolution will help them but you as well. Everybody makes money when it’s going well. 

All the effort you put in creating a perfect website and also getting it high in the search results can be done all in one time. When you decide later to join another network marketing company as well you have to start all over again. I would really recommend to combine the opportunities and invest in promoting it together. Let’s not forget that when you can sign people for both Rolution and GDI you can help them the same way. You earn double and they earn double as well when they approach this the same way. Actually it’s a new offer you create yourself this way and the key to success is all in using the internet to market you businesses.

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