Saturday, June 30, 2012

Network marketing vs Pyramid scheme

When I started with Global Domains International I receive the following question:

Is it a pyramid scheme? 

Now that I’m working with Rolution to I received the same question/response. I’ve looked into this and I found the following explanation. Network marketing is NOT a pyramid scheme because it has a product. GDI has the .ws domain name and the website builder and Rolution has the Vault and also the possibility to build a website. A pyramid scheme doesn’t have anything, you’re just asked to put in money and together you’ll find more people who are willing to do that. The problem is that when people decide to step out and take their share the pyramid collapses and a lot of people lose their money.

A pyramid scheme is illegal in a lot of countries. There’s no legit company behind it. With network marketing there is a legitimate company behind the product. You can contact the company by email and by phone and they are registered as a real, legitimate business. So before joining a network marketing company check if they are registered and check the company’s history.

I get this response a lot when I tell people about network marketing. For some reason one of the negative things about MLM is that people think it’s a pyramid scheme. Why? I don’t know but I hear it very often. Now that you know the difference you can explain to people right away that your Rolution or GDI business opportunity is not a pyramid scheme. Believe me, if you can’t tell them this right away, your story isn’t interesting anymore. 

The last thing I want to share about the way people think about network marketing is that for some reason it seems that there are more negative thoughts about it than positive. Of course this worries me. I’m thinking should I continue? It’s costing me a lot more to build my company now that I’m creating a professional website. On the other hand I only signed four people until now and those people aren’t really signing new members themselves. I often read that with network marketing the people on top earn a lot of money but people like you and me will have to work hard for almost nothing. I have to reasonable, will I be successful with MLM? I doubt it sometimes but on the other hand I really believe in the solution of combining MLM with internet marketing. My new website is on the way so let’s focus on SEO for now and not give up. I’m not going to lie about this, I have my doubts and this blog is for everyone who’s starting a network marketing business themselves so I want you to see this to. Your probably having the same thoughts so let’s be open about it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use Tags page for free backlinks

Onother website I came across is It’s very easy to get a backlink from this website. Just press ‘add tag’ or ‘free tag #1, #2, #3 or #4. Then select ‘exclusive starting at only $ 1,-‘ or ‘free’. Then you can enter a tag.

Use the keyword you want to be found on. In previous posts we’ve explain how important it is to use the right keywords. To refresh your memory here’s a short explanation:

The Google Keyword Tool can be used to see how people use curtain keywords when they’re searching the internet. When you have a website about Global Domains International you want your website to be found when people use these words to find information or maybe they want to sign up. Either way your website should come up. Using the Keyword Tool can show you how many times people use a word. For example people look for ‘Global domains international’ 6600 times a month. Sometimes people forget the s and their for ‘Global Domain International’ is also used 1000 times a month. When you use both of these keywords and you end up at the first page in Google you can get over 7000 visitors a month for free to your website.

Now that you know why keywords and backlinks are so important again you understand that using the right keywords on can help you get found for the words you want people to find your website.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting backlinks is easy?

I’ve been looking for ways to get backlinks to my existing websites. Also I’m going to make a list of ways to get backlinks for my new website. I’ll be sharing these links with you on this blog so keep following me.

One of the things a cam across was Social Monkee. In previous post I described what kind of backlinks there are and these backlinks are social bookmarks. I’ve tried it and it’s very easy to use. You can sign up for free here. Just fill out the form and confirm you email. When you’re logged in go to Submit URL and create a title. You can create different titles by using this spin method:

{Getting backlinks is easy|Get your easy backlinks|Free backlinks for all} 

With this method you can spin the title. It can also be used to spin your keywords and your text. After the title you have to fill in your URL. Social Monkee checks if the URL is unique and then you go to the text. Just write a short text about the website and/or the subject you’re referring to. Use the spinning code as well, it’s better to use different sentences than twenty five times the same text.

After that you can add some keywords and you have to choose a category. When you’ve filled out everything you press Preview & Submit and within 24 hours you’ll have 25 free social bookmarks to your website. You can use the free 25 social bookmarks every 24 hours for different websites. Of course the first thing you do is building the backlinks to your own website. after that you can also use the tool to create the backlinks to other websites that refer to your website. that way those website get more backlinks as well and they’ll go up in the rankings. The backlink you’re getting from those website will be more valuable for your website.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting backlinks

I’m a member of several SEO forums like Wickedfire, Warriorforum and Blackhatworld. My favorite is Wickedfire, it looks the most professional and the people there really know what they’re talking about. Right now I’m reading a lot about SEO (I know getting rich easy isn’t the way network marketing works!). There’re a lot of ways on how to build your website but there’re even more things that you can do from outside your website.

Building backlinks seems to be very important. When people tell you about a good restaurant you my consider going there. It’s same with websites. When other websites refer to your website search engines see that as if your website has something valuable. With a lot of references, also known as backlinks your website will climb the rankings.

Not all backlinks are the same. There is a difference in quality. For example a backlink from a website about a totally different subject or a backlink from a website that allows you to create it easily is low quality. A backlink in a unique text under a word that has to do with your website is high quality. Also links from websites that don’t have a lot of other links to other websites has more value than links from website that are full of outgoing links.

In the SEO forums I read about:

  • Social Bookmarks 
  • Wiki links 
  • Linkwheels 
  • Article marketing 
  • Forum links 
  • Minisites 

I don’t know what all these services mean but I’ll find out shortly and I’ll write about In my next posts.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Adwords Campaign

One of the first I did was setting up a Google Adwords campaign to promote my GDI business. In the time I’ve been looking for ways to build my business the campaign has been running. In two weeks it’s cost me $ 9,-, I had 3200 views and 72 clicks. To be honest I don’t have a clue what that means but it’s doing something. Until now I also had 5 new sign ups and 56 missed sign ups. Missed signups are people that start to fill out form but for some reason don’t complete the form. I think it has to do with the credit card information.

Personally I think Google Adwords is a great program. You can change it whenever you want and you can spent as much money on it as you want. For me it has been motivational to see that people are clicking my link and I also got some signups with it.

Looking at all my effort until now I have to say Adwords is the best thing until now. I’ve created a website but I didn’t know how to do that when I started. Their for it’s not the best website for my business and I think that’s very important because it’s your business card online.

With my new website on the way I think that will be the best think I have but until then a can really recommend Google Adwords. When my site is finished I’ll find out more about SEO and I want to get that website to the first page in Google as soon as possible. Whet it’s there I don’t know what I’ll do with Adwords because my ad will be above my website on the same page.

Like I said before, I´m excited. I really think this is the key to success. I try to keep this blog alive and post almost every day. Remember, use this blog as you guide and don’t do the same things I did and that didn´t work. Like they say, don´t reïnvent the wheel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My website’s price

Well, I’ve talked to my guys over at Invendy and they gave me a price for building a website in the niche I want. To develop the layout, put it in a Wordpress system, do the proper keyword research and providing the website with articles it would cost me a little under $ 1000,-. That a lot of money but to be honest I was prepared for twice as much. Now the question is will do it? When I started with network marketing I didn’t plan to invest these kinds of money. Actually GDI and Rolution offer you the opportunity to build a business and an income for just $ 10,- or $ 13,- a month. Now it’s not just that anymore.

On the other hand, how am I going to get customers and build my company without a proper website? I’m confused. I want this and I really think I’m on to something here but it’s starting to look like a serious business. If I wanted to invest this kind of money I would never go for a network marketing opportunity.

I asked them how long it would take for me to get to the first page for the keywords ‘Global Domains International’. They told me it was a very competitive niche but within six months it should be possible. Of course getting there wasn’t free as well.

To make a long story short, I asked them to make me an offer for building the website and getting it to the first page in Google for ‘Global Domains International’. They told me they we’re willing to help me with the SEO part and they didn’t necessarily want a profit out of it. Last night I received their offer. For $ 900,- they would build my website including the keyword research and articles and also a free SEO package came with it. I had a cup of coffee and thought about it and an hour ago I called them to say I agree with the price and they could start the process.

I’m excited but also I’m a bit worried/confused if I’m doing the right thing here. Now there’s a lot of money invested and I really want to see that back. Is this the way to become one of the big boys in network marketing? Am I doing the right thing here? Is this what makes the difference between success and failure in MLM? Who knows, for now I’m focusing on learning more about search engine optimization.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Building the website

Building a website
I think I’m really on to something! I’m learning a lot from the two guys over at Invendy. Now that they’ve explained to me that keyword research is the first really important thing to do I feel like I missed that step when I sign up with Global Domains International. They say it’s impossible to get to the first page in Google when you’ve chosen the wrong name but I disagree. I read on forums like Wickedfire that it is possible and when I search the web I see all kinds of names and urls on the first age.

However the change of getting on that first page is bigger when I have the wright name. With the right name I mean a name that is often used when searching the internet. That way my website will be found a lot of times and that means a lot of visitors.

They also told me that building a website using a standard website builder isn’t the best way to build a website. The reason for that is that Google can’t read the website because of the different frames often used in website building programs/software. They looked at my current website and they confirm it was the case.

After hearing this I had mixed feelings to be honest. I sign with GDI, they offer free website building but in reality it allows you to build a worthless website. They also told me that a website should be running on Wordpress. When I logged into my account last night I saw that GDI provides plugins for Wordpress. I also read that they are providing this because people where requesting this for the same reasons I have at this time.

Maybe it’s time for me to ask how much it would be to create a real and professional website. Or maybe it’s time to quit? No, not yet.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Looking for vs being found

The trend in network marketing is that you should look for people to join your business opportunity. that’s why people go and tell their story to people around them. Just like I signed my boyfriend and my brother in the first week. In a previous post I’ve asked the question: Who do you want in your downline? To be honest my boyfriend and my brother aren’t the ‘best’ members in my downline. They signed because I’ve convinced them GDI is great but until now they’re doing nothing. The people you want in your downline are the people like yourself. People who won’t give up, people who’ll work hard to build a network marketing business. Where do you find these people? A better question is: How can you make those people find you?

I think this is the power of using the internet to build you network marketing business. You can focus on being found instead of looking for the right people. Put your money, time and energy in building a great website and then making sure the website ends up on the first page in the search results. With proper keyword research you’ll end up on the first page for keywords that are relevant for your business opportunity. People who are actually looking for a MLM business opportunity will find you’re website and sign u with your company. These people are actually looking for opportunity themselves instead of you telling people about it who never asked for it.

This not only makes you invest in the right thing for network marketing success but you also get the right people in yotr downline. Everybody has the same target and you can learn a lot from each other. The core of why you should focus on being found online is that you can get hundreds of visitors per month and also the kind of customers you want in your business.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keyword research part 2

In previous post I’ve describe what keyword research is and why it’s so important. The purpose of this blog is to show you what I did to eventualley be successful with a network marketing business. This blog will be a guide for others to see what to do and what not to do to be successful. After making the right decision and joining the MLM business you want you can start building you network right away. One of the first things I did, and a lot of others before me, is telling people around you about your opportunity. Often people think they can sign their first ten members this way but in reality less people are interested. When people don’t know who to sign anymore the quit.

I’m working with Global Domains International and Rolution because these network marketing companies have a product that sells great online. My vision on success with network marketing is that you should focus on the internet. Here you can find more people around the world and you’ll not have the problem of not knowing who to sign.

Once you’ve joined GDI, Rolution or another MLM company you should focus on creating a website. There’re a lot of possibilities to build a free website or you can ask someone who can do it for you. I’ve build my first website but now I know I had to do keyword research first. The first step is to think about keywords people will use to find an opportunity you’re looking for. What kind of words would you use? Make a list of keywords an go to the Google keyword tool. There you can see how many times the keywords are used. It’s the most interesting to build a website for the keywords that are used often because once you on the first page in Google you’ll have the most visitors. The keywords you’ll use have to be in the website address and also the words have to be used in the texts on the websites.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Website update: Keywords

One week ago I talked to two guys who knew a lot about search engine optimization. I wrote here on this blog about our conversation. Yesterday I went to their office and we discussed the possibilities of creating a new website. I told them some more about GDI and also about Rolution. Unfortunately they still weren’t interested in joining my business. They explained to me that making a website for a subject like this should begin with keyword research. Until now that’s something I never heard of and certainly not do for my GDI website.


A keyword is a word used by people to search for something. That word gives a list of results. It’s important that your website will be found when the keywords are used that matches your website. For example this blog should come up when people look for information about network marketing. This can be on the first page in the search results or page two hundred. When your website is finished you can focus on getting your website higher in those results by using search engine optimization. It’s important that the keywords you want your website to be found on are in the website title or the url.


They showed me how they do keyword research using the Google keyword tool. This is a free tool and everybody can use it. The showed me that the keywords ‘network marketing’ are used 49.500 times per month. That means that if my website would be on the first page the website could get this number of visitors. They also showed me that people use the keywords ‘global domains international’ 6.600 time per month. When you decide what your website will be called or what the address well be it’s important to find out what kind of keywords you want your website to be found on.

When you’re building a website about GDI and you put ‘global domains international’ in the url you should come up when people use these words when they are searching the web. If I understand correctly it is better to go for a url with keywords that are used more often like ‘network marketing’. When I choose my website name I didn’t know that so for me there’s more reason to create a new website from the beginning. With this website I should take all the right steps and really get an incredible website with lots of visitors.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rolution vs Global Domains International

If you have to make a choice what would be the best network marketing business opportunity? The answer to this question would be different per person. To help you in making the right decision I’ll describe some things that are different between Rolution and Global Domains International.


One thing Rolution has and that Global Domains International doesn’t have is the $ 15,- startbonus. This is a big difference. When you sign up five new members you get $ 75,- right away for just signing them. Depending on where you focus is on this can be a big difference. If you think you can find a lot of new members by yourself by signing people you know or using the internet the startbonusses can be very interesting. When you are focusing more on helping others the sartbonus is not really that important.


Global Domains International offers many ways of helping you to become successful with GDI. Through their Facebook page the interaction is great. You can ask questions and suggest subjects for the next webinars. The weekly webinars are very informative. Also there’s a forum, tutorials and a blog. For other questions you can reach them by email or phone. Rolution doesn’t offer these kinds of support.

When you go to the website of GDI it all looks very professional. Rolution on the other had looks more like a cheap sales page. I think it’s important to look professional, especially for a business like this. People have to be confident they are joining a legitimate business opportunity. I hope Rolution will upgrade their website as well in the near future. 

Overall I think GDI has more of the total package. Rolution has the startbonus which is a powerful feature. Let’s hope Rolution will become more like GDI in the future in terms of professionalism.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Join one or both opportunities?

Often I get the question if people should join Rolution or Global Domains International. In fact they ask which one is the best. My answer to this question would be to join both companies because they are the same in so many ways. Building a website for one of the opportunities is a great way to promote the offer but building a website for both is the same effort and you’re promoting two instead of one offers. The kind of information on the website would be the same. The only thing different is that you have to write two sale pages and maybe a page where you describe both opportunities combined. The rest is the same. Using social media, free advertisement, SEO, video marketing and other ways to promote the opportunities online can be described on the website. Why share this information? Why not? You want to expand your business, people that join you network want the same thing. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that when you invest in helping others becoming successful with GDI or Rolution will help them but you as well. Everybody makes money when it’s going well. 

All the effort you put in creating a perfect website and also getting it high in the search results can be done all in one time. When you decide later to join another network marketing company as well you have to start all over again. I would really recommend to combine the opportunities and invest in promoting it together. Let’s not forget that when you can sign people for both Rolution and GDI you can help them the same way. You earn double and they earn double as well when they approach this the same way. Actually it’s a new offer you create yourself this way and the key to success is all in using the internet to market you businesses.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green World Zimbabwe Network Marketing

Earn a Green World Passive Income, & improve your wealth!
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Green World Zimbabwe Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing

President of Green World Group African Region, Mr. David Zhang vice president of Green World Group and president of African Region, visited Green World Zimbabwe Branch and inspected the market there. President Zhang's visit took place from April 16 to April 20, 2012.

On April 16, President Zhang arrived at Harare international airport of Zimbabwe, was warmly welcomed by Mr. Zhijun Ji, general manager of Green World Group Zimbabwe Branch, and more than one hundred Senior Green World Distributors. The distributors wore company uniforms and waved company flags, which formed beautiful scenery at the airport. President Zhang was warmly welcomed by distributors at the airport.

Next day, President Zhang, nearly 800 distributors and potential bustomers attended the Green World Business Opportunity explanation meeting held by branch office and senior distributors. Tendai, senior distributor, Ngoni and Blessing, senior lecturers, all made speeches and gave a detailed explanation and training about the products and compensation plan in the meeting.

The high quality Green World Health Products and high-return Green World Compensation Plan of Green World Group had a strong reaction among the participants. All seats were taken in Harare business explanation meeting. President Zhang gave a speech in the meeting. He highly appraised Zimbabwe Green World Distributor Team, stated that they were one of “the most professional teams in African region”, and the business explanation meeting played a role of “benchmark” for education and training of African region. President Zhang explained company’s mission, prospect and management idea in detail. He also said that as a leader of the same industry in African region, Green World Group had core competitive advantages of “professional management and service”, “good company-customer relationship”, and “product leading capacity” (known as the quality and effect of products) which was the key point for Green World Group’s sustainable operation and development. Green World Group deeply understood this point, strictly controlled and checked the quality of products in all aspects.

The explanation meeting achieved great success. More than 300 people joined in, became a member of Green World and bought products.

That night, the Green World Zimbabwe Branch held a barbecue party on the grass lawn of branch office, which deepened the emotional exchange and communication between the branch office and distributors, also provided a good chance for distributors to communicate and learn from each other.

President Zhang took a group
photo with senior distributors
During the inspection in Zimbabwe, President Zhang also visited the Green World Specialty Store in Gweru, the central city of Zimbabwe. On April 19th, he attended the market explanation meeting held in Bulawayo, the second largest city in the south of Zimbabwe. More that 400 people attended this meeting and over 200 Green World People joined in, became Green World Distributors and bought products. In Bulawayo, Mr. Zhang also paid an official call on Mr. Cain Mathema, the honorable provincial governor of Bulawayo Province. During their talk, Mr. Zhang introduced the development status of Green World Global Markets to the honorable governor, especially the excellent development status in Africa. He also stated the long-term strategic planning and market expansion plan of Green World in Zimbabwe. Mr. Zhang said, Green World had been actively involved in the economic construction of each country, fulfilling our obligation as a responsible corporate citizen and had made due contribution to the local employment.

Representing the provincial government, the honorable provincial governor welcomed Green World to develop in Zimbabwe. He introduced the natural and human environment, and the economic development conditions of this province, stressed its a good investment environment and preferential policies. The provincial governor also hoped and sincerely invited Green World Group to root its green industry in Bulawayo Province by promising that the provincial government would give their utmost support to ensure Green World Business to develop smoothly in Zimbabwe. President Zhang paid an official visit to Mr.Cain Mathema, provincial governor of Bulawayo Province.

During his stay in Zimbabwe, President Zhang also specially held senior distributor conference. In the conference, he listened to the opinions and suggestions of distributors, know about the needs of Zimbabwe Distributors in detail, answered the questions of their interests one by one and solved some of their problems at the site. Zimbabwe is one of strategic key markets in Green World African Region and the whole group.

We believe that Zimbabwe will soon become another huge economic growth point of Green World in Africa in the near future.

South Africa's Leading MLM Company. Green World South Africa, Green World Food, Green World Health and Green World Wealth hosts more than 10 000 Home Based, Network Marketing and Social Network Marketing businesses. A Green World Business Opportunity offering health products, wealth creation, and passive income generating product. High Multi-Level Marketing Plan to Make Money Online, Earn Extra Income and Work from Home.

Incoming Links:

Link 1

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Link 4

Search engine optimization

Last weekend I had a great conversation with two guys who were into internet marketing. First I thought that I could get those guys to sign up with my Global Domains International or my Rolution business (or both) but they weren’t interested. Too bad but we kept talking about internet marketing an especially about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

They told me they were having a couple of websites that were on the first page in Google and therefore had up to 300 to 1000 visitors a month. With some websites they earned $ 100,- a month but with other websites they earned up to $ 300,- dollars. While I was listening I did the math. They were talking about 8 websites, let’s say they earned $ 100,- with half of them and $ 300,- with the other half. That’s $ 1600,- passive income. They told me they had to work to develop the websites and to get them to the first page but now the money just comes in every month. 

I was impressed and I asked with what kind of companies they were working and what kind of products they were promoting. They told me that they were working with different kinds of companies and different kinds of products and for each sale the received $ 2,50 and in some cases $ 25,-. I told them again about the compensation plan of GDI and Rolution. I told them that for all the sales they were making they still could have earned $ 1,- a month when it was with a network marketing business. Unfortunately I still couldn’t convince them but it kept me thinking.

Imagine that I had a website that was on the first page in Google and was getting 1000 visitors a day, how much sign ups would that get me? I’ve been thinking about it all week and I think I’m going to give them a call later on today. I want to discuss the opportunity of them making a professional website for me and also getting it to the first page in Google where I’ll get lots of free customers. This would be a onetime investment and it would give me a continuously growing business. I keep you posted!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rolution is the solution

We’ve explained how Global Domains International works. On this blog about building your own network marketing we’ve also explained how you can promote your business online. The product of GDI is perfect for online promotion because it’s in fact an internet product, the .ws domain name. In our search for ways to promote a network marketing business and also in our search for ways to use internet marketing to as a marketing tool we’ve came across Rolution. Their slogan is Rolution is the Solution. We think it’s interesting because it looks a lot like GDI and the product is also great to promote online. We’re thinking of joining Rolution as well because it’s so much the same. The things we do for GDI can also be done for Rolutoin.

About Rolution

Rolution is also a network marketing company that offers the same business opportunity as GDI. Also the compensation plan looks the same but Rolution has something else. For every member you sign you get $15,- start bonus. That means that if you sign 10 people you already earn $ 150,- for just signing them. Once people are a member of your business you receive $1,- per person per month just like with GDI. Not only the people you directly sign but also for the people others in your downline sign you receive $ 1,- a month. To refresh your memory, when you and all the people in your downline find five people to join their business you get $ 3125,- every month. It’s the power of duplication all over again.

The product 

Rolution offers a different product than GDI. Rolution has ‘The Vault’. This is an online storage space similar to Dropbox. You can use it to save and/or open files everywhere you are. You can upload 5GB total. This is also a product that is fantastic for selling online. No need to give parties at home to explain people how to use a product or how the product is all good for them. Just create a sales page and use the same techniques to promote your business as you’re already doing for GDI.

Rolution promotion tools

Rolution also offers the possibility to register a domain name, build a website with a website builder and use free ad sites, sales pages, videos’s etc. The back office gives you the opportunity to talk to your upline and your downline, contact a helpdesk and to set your personal preferences. Using those tools in combination with the marketing tools and the online marketing strategies described on this blog should help you build your Rolution business.

From now on I’m working with two MLM companies. The main reason for that is that I think both companies are the same in many ways. Everything I do for GDI can also be done for Rolution so why not double up my income.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free advertisement

Using social media, forums, email marketing, video marketing, blogging or article marketing are all ways of free advertisement. Google Adwords, or Facebook adds are ways of paid advertisement. There’re also website that offer banners or text adds for free.

Ebay for example offers the possibility to buy and sell things online. You can also sell a service and therefor your MLM business opportunity. I’ve looked into this and I’ve discovered that there’re curtain rules. Often MLM is a banned topic. Why? I don’t know but it’s also the case when you want to use Wordpress to build a blog. Like we’ve seen earlier, network marketing has a bad image and therefor isn’t allowed everywhere.

When you go to Google in search for ‘free advertisement’ or ‘free advertise websites’ you’ll find lots of websites that offer this. The question is, how many people will see the adds? Google Adwords has a massive range. Until now my campaign is set on $ 4,- per day and my website has more than 200 hundred views a day. Not even half of those visitors are returning visitors so with $ 4,- a day and an average campaign you can get more than one hundred unique visitors a day. I think that’s impressive and I don’t know if this can be achieved with free ad sites.

I think you should use all methods. Just start using social media, start a blog, create a video channel, write a monthly newsletter and try to sign people to your email marketing system, use free and also paid ads. Just getting one sign up would be great, getting more is better but when you skip a marketing opportunity you will not sign that person. It’s all about synergy; all these actions together are more powerful than the one action on itself. Just like building a network of people who are working with network marketing you should build a network of marketing tools/possibilities. Daily millions of people search the web for all kinds of things. Make sure the people who are searching for business opportunities will find you.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Social Media

I think using social media can be a powerful marketing tool. Looking at my own social media profile I have more than 400 friends on Facebook. Spreading information or the link to my website can reach all those people at once. I haven’t did this yet because I want to make sure my website is finished first. I can also spread a link to this blog on Facebook. It’s getting pretty big now and I think it contains a lot of interesting and useful information. What kind of social media is there and how can you use it?


One of the biggest and well known social media networks is Facebook. There are several ways to use Facebook for your network marketing business. First you can share information about your business opportunity. People will see the information and that way they might get interested as well. When they like your information they can ‘Like’ your post and that way hundreds of other people in their network will see the information as well.

Another way of using Facebook to promote your business opportunity is by creating a business page. This is like a website but in Facebook. Here you can write everything about your network marketing opportunity and of course you can put your affiliate link on the page so that people can sign up with your business when they’re interested. Videos can added as well and of course people can ‘Like’ or join the page. This can be a powerful tool to create a network.

Facebook also offers the possibility to advertise. Just like Google Adwords you can use paid advertisement to promote your MLM business. With Facebook you can target your campaign very specific. You can select areas, gender, age and time for example. Do you think men in Peru in the age of 28 to 40 are the best people to have in your downline? With Facebook you can create a campaign only for those people.


Another well-known social network is Twitter. Twitter is different from Facebook. On Twitter you can start mini blogging about a subject and you can start following others who are writing about the same thing. They can follow you back as well. When you write about a subject others who are looking for information about that subject can find you and start following you on Twitter. It’s a kind of search engine. When you’re active on Twitter people will find you and join you. When you write about interesting information people will follow you. Remember, there has to be a reason to follow you, write about interesting things and share useful links as well.


LinkedIn is a business social network. Here you can also create a profile and you can connect to other professionals. For example it could be interesting to connect with someone who’s specialized in search engine optimization, internet marketing, web design or network marketing. You can also find interesting information on Twitter, participate in discussions or share you own information about you network marketing business.

Other social media 

These three social networks have a lot of users and offer great opportunities to build a network and to spread information about your own business opportunity. Using these social networks can be described as social network marketing. There are a lot more social networks like Google+, Orkut and Myspace. Google+ is the answer of Google to all social network success. They integrate all their services into the social network. In the future it can become an interesting network but for now most people are with Facebook and Twitter so that’s where you should focus as well.

Not everyone knows this but YouTube and Blogger for example are social networks as well. Sharing videos or articles is also a way of social networking and you can join others as well. There are a lot of other video websites and blog website to use as a social network. Flicker is a social network as well where you can share pictures. Recently Pinterest and Instagram are becoming more popular and are growing every day. You never know which social network will be the biggest and most popular in five years.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Email marketing

Another way of promoting your MLM business is email marketing. When you have a website you can make people sign up for a newsletter. That way you can keep in contact with members and/or prospects. There’re different ways to make visitor sign up for email marketing. Some websites offer the possibility to sign up somewhere on their website. Visitors just have to give their email and then there subscribed to the newsletter. Sometimes an email activation is required to prevent unwanted sign ups or other spam.

Why should you sign up for a newsletter? There has to be a reason for people to join your email marketing system. This can be one of the following reasons:

  • Interesting news
  • A guide to success
  • Free promotional tools
  • A step by step plan to build a website
  • An Internet marketing newsletter 

These are some examples of subjects that you can use in a newsletter which could be interesting for people who visit your website. of course you have to write a weekly or monthly newsletter but if that gets you more visitors or at least more contact with others about your network marketing opportunity it’s worth the investment/time.

I’m not using email marketing yet but now that I know maybe I’ll write a monthly newsletter. I think this can be great to help your members. Every month you can write about a different topic on how to build your GDI network, a new marketing strategy, how to support your downline or the newest network marketing trends.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Join a Forum

I’ve talked about using forums before on this blog and since then I’ve signed to three forums. The first forum I’ve signed to was the Global Domains International forum. When you’re a member you can use this forum to talk to other GDI affiliates. There are several topics on how to expand your business. After a couple of days I’ve noticed that there is not a lot of activity on this forum. I’ll keep checking it because I think it’s interesting because a lot of GDI members are there.

The second forum I’ve joined was the scam forum. I joined that in the time I was looking for a network marketing opportunity. There’s a lot of activity on the forum and the information is different than the information you’ll find on the websites about the MLM opportunity. The forum is all about internet scams so the information is about bad experiences. I joined the forum because I wanted to see what people are saying about MLM and GDI in particular. I have to say, reading that kind of information doesn’t motivate you but you can also learn from it. For example people write a lot about joining a network marketing company and leaving it within two or three months. After that they describe their experiences and how you should never join a MLM company. When I see that I’m thinking, what did you actually do to build your company. It’s a bit cliché but I’m thinking: ‘Winners don’t quit and quiters don’t win’. I’ve learn on this forum that a lot of people think you can get rich with MLM the easy way. Also there are a lot of serious warnings on which MLM companies not to join. People describe how they paid their monthly contribution and by the time they earned some money they never got it.

The last forum I’ve Joined recently is Wickedfire. This is a forum about search engine optimization and internet marketing. I thought it would be interesting since I’ve discovered that there’re so many other ways to promote your business. Here they have a Sell, Buy and trade section where you can buy services to optimize your website. I’m figuring out how to make my own GDI website better and how to get more visitors. That´s why I joined this forum.

When you join a forum you can learn a lot. Also people are willing to help you. On most forums it’s possible to use a signature. That way every post you write contains a signature with a link to you website or blog. That way you can use those forums as a marketing tool as well.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Video marketing

One of the ways to promote your network marketing business is video marketing. Video marketing is free. For example you make an instruction video about how to sign up with Global Domains International and you upload it to YouTube, DailyMotion and/or to Vimeo. When people are looking for ways to earn money online they can find your video.

How does it work?

Is making a video hard? Well that depends on what kind of a video you want to make. With windows video maker you can easily edit a video. Just collect some pictures, a music theme and you can add some text in between. This maybe sounds lame but you can really make a great video with just that. Image the video about how to sign up with GDI. In the first shot you use a text like ‘How to sign up with GDI’. Then you add the picture (a print screen) of the page people will see when they sign up. Than you add the text ‘fill in the form’. The people go to the next page, just show the picture of this page in the video. Do you get the picture? With windows movie maker you can make a great step by step video of how to do something.

Building a Channel 

 After you’ve made a couple of videos you can upload them all to YouTube (or one of the other video websites). When you have more than one video you can create a channel. For example you can create a network marketing, Global Domains International or a MLM channel. That way you’ll get more visitors because you channel contains more videos about different subjects. With videos it works the same as with webpages, you can add keywords so that people will find your videos when they search the web. When your videos are interesting and people return or more people will watch the videos you’re video or channel gets higher in the search results in Google and YouTube.

Did you know..? 

Did you know that after Google, YouTube is most used search engine in the world? That’s why you shouldn’t just focus on your website but also on video marketing. Also YouTube is a social network. You can become friends with other users. That way your videos can be found easier as well, because there are more ways to get to them. Your videos also climb the rankings because not only views count for the value of a video but also the network it’s in.

Thinking about using video marketing for your network marketing business but you don’t know where to make a video about? Take a look at the GDI video channel on the right and get some ideas to make a useful video.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Internet marketing

I’ve been searching the web for information on Google Adwords and how to build a proper website. The good news is that there is a lot of information but that’s also the bad news. It looks like internet marketing is a profession on itself. There are so many ways of promoting a website and also a lot of possibilities are free. I’ve made a list of things to promote my Global Domains International business and I’ll try them one by one. When I think it’s a possible way to promote my business I’ll share it. Soon I’ll make a list of things you can use to promote your own network marketing business.

Google Adwords is great. You can start right away and you see results immediately. However it’s not free. Now my campaign is running with a maximum of 5 dollars a day. When I increase that I’ll have more visitors and my company can grow faster. At this time I don’t know if my website is the way it should be and I’d like to see how many people will sign up this month. Also I want to see how those people will do, building their own businesses. I’d like to learn from them as well. For now I not going to invest more than the one hundred dollars I’ve invested in the Google Adwords campaign. When my credit is used I’ll see what I’ll do next. I’m not making money with GDI yet so I have to see how much I can invest and how much I’ll be making.

While the campaign is running I can focus on different things like the other promotional options I’ve found on the internet. This week I want to join two or three forums where I can talk and share ideas with others who are also having a network marketing business. Maybe I can work with those people and maybe they want to join my company. That would be great because those people are probably exactly the people I want to have in my downline.

I think that there are a lot of possibilities with internet marketing and I’m going to figure out what those are. In my next posts I’ll try to write about a new way to tell others about you’re business opportunity. To give you an impression of what’s coming here are some possibilities:

  • Video marketing (YouTube) 
  • Forums 
  • Email marketing 
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) 
  • Free advertising

Monday, June 4, 2012

My first visitors

This is fun, I’ve finished my website and I’ve started a Google Adwords campaign. The first day I already had over thirty visitors. I have to say Google Adwords looks easier than you think. For now I’ve created a campaign but I don’t know for sure if I did it the right way.

The first thing you need to do is create a Google account. I already had one so that was easy. Than you need to set up a campaign name and then you can create several advertisements with different titles, texts and keywords. I think that’s the hard thing to do. No I used my imagination to come up with words people will use who are interested in a network marketing business opportunity. I check my campaign every day and I can see how some words get clicked on often and others get clicked on less often. Also you can see how much it costs when people click your ad. That way I’m trying to optimize my campaign to get as much clicks (visitors) as possible for less money.

Now my website is visited thirty times every day. How much subscriptions do I have? Now that’s an interesting question. I have two ‘missed sign ups’ a day. That means people start filling in the form but don’t complete their subscription one hundred percent. I think I know why. Somewhere GDI asks for your credit card information. I don’t think everyone has a credit card. Although the first seven days are a free trail GDI needs your credit card details for the first payment once you decide to become a member. I haven’t figured out how to fix this problem but of course I will look in to it and I’ll write about it when I can tell you more.

Now that I’m getting visitors, I’m getting subscriptions as well. The first subscriptions have been ‘missed sign ups’ but maybe they’ll return. If they don’t new customers will sing up. Now I think I need to focus on optimizing my website and my Google Adwords Campaign. That way I can get more customers to my website and once they’re on my website I can make sure they sign up by making my website bigger, better and more attractive to visitors. My website must convince them to sign up, I can’t tell them that in person but I can try to create a good sales page.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Building my website

I’ve tried to build a Google Adwords Campagne for the replicate sites Global Domains International offers members but since a lot of people use these websites it’s not possible to advertise them. Google Adwords points out that the website address redirects user to another website. That’s true because it redirects to your specific user id page so that people who sign up with GDI sign to your team.

So before using Google Adwords I have to create a website. To be honest I forgot about this feature because I was focusing too much on signing my first members. It looks very easy. It’s an easy to use interface where you can add and move around pages. Also there are a lot of features and gadgets to use on the website like the income calculator, video’s and there are several templates to choose from. The only thing that takes some time is writing the content for the website.

I’ve watched some other websites to see how they are build and what kind of information is given. I’ve decided to create the following pages: 

  • Home
  • What is Global Domains International 
  • How can you make money? 
  • How to build your GDI business 
  • About me 
  • Contact 
Also I’ve made sure that on every page there’s a possibility to click a sign up button. You never know when someone decides to join the team. The first page will be about what people can find on the website. It will be an introduction to a network marketing business opportunity. Here it’s important to get people’s attention, they have to want to read more. On the second page I’ll write my elevator pitch. I have to describe what GDI is and how it works and I think I have to use 300 words maximum. On the third page I’ll explain further how people can make money, I’ll explain how the compensation plan works. Also I’ll add the income calculator widget so that people can find out for themselves how much they can make with GDI. Then I think it’s important to explain how to create a business. I’m experiencing now how to find new members. As you can see on this blog sometimes I have success but I’ve also done things that didn’t really help my business grow. The fifth page is about me. Here I’ll describe my motivation to work with GDI and I also write about this blog and tell people there is a lot of information on here that might be useful. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Last but not least I’ll add a contact page where people can ask me all kinds of questions. 

I don’t know if this is the right way to build a website but I have to start somewhere. In the meanwhile I’ll try to find out more about building a website so that I can make it better over time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who do you want in your downline?

After my research about pro’s and con’s of network marketing I kept think about why some people are successful with network marketing but also so many people quit. What’s the difference between success and failure. Will I be one of the people that will be successful or is this the beginning of me quitting as well?

While thinking about this I asked myself another question: Who do I want in my downline? The first answer that came to my mind was people who don’t quit. Then I thought about people who are successful with network marketing. I want to have people in my downline who can build their own business, they have to be creative, independent and most of all they have to achieve success and don’t quit. I can sign up one hundred people who quit after six months or five people who won’t quit until they also have found five people each that will be successful as well.

This tells me two things. First I can’t just tell everybody about my business opportunity and hope they’ll join. Telling my friends is ok but only if they are really interested. The thing about telling them and making sure they’ll sign before leaving is now officially over. The second thing is another question: Where do I find people that are willing to invest the same energy, time and maybe a little bit of money to build their business.

I thought about two things to answer this question. The first thing was Google Adwords. I thought I should advertise for domain registration and for business opportunities. That way I could reach people that were looking for business opportunities or who were looking to register a domain. I also thought about advertising for network marketing and MLM opportunities. I’ll start doing this next Monday and I’ll keep you posted about the effects.

Another thing is joining a forum about network marketing, global domains international or about business opportunities. Here I can learn a lot and maybe I can find people to join forces with. It feels good to have new things to try and to realize maybe I wasn’t on the right track yet. I’m excited and I’ll write about my experiences as soon as possible in my next post.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pro’s and Con’s about network marketing

If been trying to find the answer to why network marketing is described fantastic and as a scam at the same time. I’ll write about the pro’s first and then I’ll write about the con’s as well. You decide what you think about network marketing after that.


Network marketing offers an opportunity for people to generate extra income or even a fulltime income. Actually there is now limit to what you can make with network marketing. Also you can work from home or even from another country. It offers the possibility to travel and see the world and still be able to earn money. That is of course if you become successful. 

You can make money by finding new members or customers to join the network marketing business. No matter if the product is about health or about having your own domain name, it’s all about expanding your business or network and earing money over the people that joined the business through you. The great thing is that you do not only earn money over the people you directly refer but also for people that join through others that you’ve already signed up. Global Domains International for example calls this the power of duplication. When you think about it and when you use the income calculator you can see that there is a lot of money to be made with MLM. The compensation plan of a lot of network marketing opportunities offer that possibility to make a lot of money.


The great thing about making money with MLM is that when you manage to build a large business all those people will also try to build a large business and you will earn more and more money because of that. When those people are doing well you’re doing well to. But maybe that also one of the con’s about network marketing. If you succeed to build a big network, you can make a lot of money. But what if you don’t? What if you tried to expand your network but nobody seems to be willing to work with your business opportunity? Why do some people succeed and why do some people fail?

I’ve discovered the percentage of people that start with a network marketing opportunity and quit within six months. Are you ready to see how many people quit network marketing early? 95 % doesn’t make a single dollar and quit. It looks like building a business isn’t as easy as it seems.

Another thing I found was telling people you know about your business opportunity and when they aren’t interested you get frustrated. I totally recognize this problem. In the beginning you think people you know will sign up but then you discover they are all having a job or they just aren’t interested in the business opportunity you’re offering them. It’s terrible to discover that you’re frustrated and irritated to your own friend. When you discover that the people you thought you would sign up right away aren’t sign up you start to realize you’re running out of options to expand your business. 

I also have to say that at this moment I’m pro network marketing but what happens when I quit. I’ll maybe say network marketing is a scam because I didn’t succeed. I had a dream of being rich and I’d have all the freedom in the world but when that gets taken away from you your mad.

Looking at the pro’s and the con’s I have to say I can relate to both sides of the story. I’ve also read somewhere that “quiters don’t win and winners don’t quit”. When I quit my network marketing business already without really trying I definitely won’t make any money. I have to find a way to find people who are willing to build a MLM business just like me.