Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rolution vs Global Domains International

If you have to make a choice what would be the best network marketing business opportunity? The answer to this question would be different per person. To help you in making the right decision I’ll describe some things that are different between Rolution and Global Domains International.


One thing Rolution has and that Global Domains International doesn’t have is the $ 15,- startbonus. This is a big difference. When you sign up five new members you get $ 75,- right away for just signing them. Depending on where you focus is on this can be a big difference. If you think you can find a lot of new members by yourself by signing people you know or using the internet the startbonusses can be very interesting. When you are focusing more on helping others the sartbonus is not really that important.


Global Domains International offers many ways of helping you to become successful with GDI. Through their Facebook page the interaction is great. You can ask questions and suggest subjects for the next webinars. The weekly webinars are very informative. Also there’s a forum, tutorials and a blog. For other questions you can reach them by email or phone. Rolution doesn’t offer these kinds of support.

When you go to the website of GDI it all looks very professional. Rolution on the other had looks more like a cheap sales page. I think it’s important to look professional, especially for a business like this. People have to be confident they are joining a legitimate business opportunity. I hope Rolution will upgrade their website as well in the near future. 

Overall I think GDI has more of the total package. Rolution has the startbonus which is a powerful feature. Let’s hope Rolution will become more like GDI in the future in terms of professionalism.

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