Friday, July 6, 2012

The power of Linkwheels

I’ve talked about linkwheels a couple of times before. I’m writing about it in this post because it seems very important. Backlinks from linkwheels are very high quality and you can create them yourself for free.

The idea of a linkwheel is that you create pages with unique content about the subject you want a backlinks from. You can write the articles yourself and upload/copy them to the website. The first article you use is the center of the linkwheel. For example you can use This is website where you can write about all kinds of different subjects. In the text you can add your the link to your website. To create a nice page I’d recommend to add some pictures and maybe a video to the website.

Let’s say you put three pages around the first page. For example you can use, and On these pages you write an article as well but this time you put a backlink to the first page, the center of the linkwheel instead of to your website. this way the center of the linkwheel becomes more important and the backlink you get from there will be high quality. On those page you can also use pictures and a video to make the pages look ‘human’ or ‘handmade’. There’s software that creates a lot of pages at the same time. The articles will not be unique this way and the pictures and the video will be all over the place. So to make sure it all looks like people actually created it instead of a program make sure it all looks fantastic.

In the image below you can see an example of a linkwheel:

The kind of pages you can use for linkwheels are web 2.0 property sites, wiki sites or website to create your own free websites. These websites are also social media sites, you can follow and connect to others who write about the same or other relevant subjects. By joining others your pages and articles will be found easier and that’s good for your main site.

Your website needs one or five linkwheels in to dominate the competition. Remember, this is one of the most powerful SEO tools to get high in the rankings. You must have this and now you know how to do it yourself. I’m proud the share this information with you on this blog. Looking back this blog is starting to contain a lot of useful SEO information for everyone who wants to make money with their website.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

High quality vs low quality backlinks

With my new website on the way I’m trying to find out as much as possible about search engine optimization. The good news is that I think there’re a lot of possibilities to get backlinks to your website. The bad news is that I don’t know what kind of backlinks are the best.

Low quality

There’s a lot of software that you can purchase to create hundreds or thousands of backlinks in one day or spread over numerous days. Now this is an important difference. Search engines find it strange if a website gets one thousand backlinks in one day and I understand that. So if you’re using software like that you have to be careful.

I also read that Google is constantly changing to get better results. There for backlinks that are great one day can be worthless or maybe even dangerous for your website the other. That leads me to the conclusion that you should not focus on one kind of backlinks so that if Google changes it’s algorithms your website won’t drop in the rankings. I think it doesn’t matter if it are high or low quality backlinks but I think it’s important to mix it up. Of course I would go for more high quality than low quality backlinks.

High quality

Backlinks that are in a unique text under a relevant anchor are high quality backlinks. Also links from website that are high in Google already are very high quality. So getting backlinks from websites that are on the first page where you want your website to end up are fantastic. It’s hard to get these often but it’s worth the try.

One of the ways to get backlinks in a text under a relevant anchor is creating web 2.0 properties, wiki’s or blogs. You have to write a unique article and you can create the pages yourself for free. When you create more of these pages that link to each other they call it a linkwheel. In one of my next posts I’ll write about it because this seems to be a powerful method.

Like I said, I think you should focus on high quality links but to mix it up with low quality should be a problem. I think it’s also important to see what Google’s doing and to follow their updates. That way you know what you should or shouldn’t be doing.