Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting backlinks

I’m a member of several SEO forums like Wickedfire, Warriorforum and Blackhatworld. My favorite is Wickedfire, it looks the most professional and the people there really know what they’re talking about. Right now I’m reading a lot about SEO (I know getting rich easy isn’t the way network marketing works!). There’re a lot of ways on how to build your website but there’re even more things that you can do from outside your website.

Building backlinks seems to be very important. When people tell you about a good restaurant you my consider going there. It’s same with websites. When other websites refer to your website search engines see that as if your website has something valuable. With a lot of references, also known as backlinks your website will climb the rankings.

Not all backlinks are the same. There is a difference in quality. For example a backlink from a website about a totally different subject or a backlink from a website that allows you to create it easily is low quality. A backlink in a unique text under a word that has to do with your website is high quality. Also links from websites that don’t have a lot of other links to other websites has more value than links from website that are full of outgoing links.

In the SEO forums I read about:

  • Social Bookmarks 
  • Wiki links 
  • Linkwheels 
  • Article marketing 
  • Forum links 
  • Minisites 

I don’t know what all these services mean but I’ll find out shortly and I’ll write about In my next posts.

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