Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keyword research part 2

In previous post I’ve describe what keyword research is and why it’s so important. The purpose of this blog is to show you what I did to eventualley be successful with a network marketing business. This blog will be a guide for others to see what to do and what not to do to be successful. After making the right decision and joining the MLM business you want you can start building you network right away. One of the first things I did, and a lot of others before me, is telling people around you about your opportunity. Often people think they can sign their first ten members this way but in reality less people are interested. When people don’t know who to sign anymore the quit.

I’m working with Global Domains International and Rolution because these network marketing companies have a product that sells great online. My vision on success with network marketing is that you should focus on the internet. Here you can find more people around the world and you’ll not have the problem of not knowing who to sign.

Once you’ve joined GDI, Rolution or another MLM company you should focus on creating a website. There’re a lot of possibilities to build a free website or you can ask someone who can do it for you. I’ve build my first website but now I know I had to do keyword research first. The first step is to think about keywords people will use to find an opportunity you’re looking for. What kind of words would you use? Make a list of keywords an go to the Google keyword tool. There you can see how many times the keywords are used. It’s the most interesting to build a website for the keywords that are used often because once you on the first page in Google you’ll have the most visitors. The keywords you’ll use have to be in the website address and also the words have to be used in the texts on the websites.

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