Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting backlinks is easy?

I’ve been looking for ways to get backlinks to my existing websites. Also I’m going to make a list of ways to get backlinks for my new website. I’ll be sharing these links with you on this blog so keep following me.

One of the things a cam across was Social Monkee. In previous post I described what kind of backlinks there are and these backlinks are social bookmarks. I’ve tried it and it’s very easy to use. You can sign up for free here. Just fill out the form and confirm you email. When you’re logged in go to Submit URL and create a title. You can create different titles by using this spin method:

{Getting backlinks is easy|Get your easy backlinks|Free backlinks for all} 

With this method you can spin the title. It can also be used to spin your keywords and your text. After the title you have to fill in your URL. Social Monkee checks if the URL is unique and then you go to the text. Just write a short text about the website and/or the subject you’re referring to. Use the spinning code as well, it’s better to use different sentences than twenty five times the same text.

After that you can add some keywords and you have to choose a category. When you’ve filled out everything you press Preview & Submit and within 24 hours you’ll have 25 free social bookmarks to your website. You can use the free 25 social bookmarks every 24 hours for different websites. Of course the first thing you do is building the backlinks to your own website. after that you can also use the tool to create the backlinks to other websites that refer to your website. that way those website get more backlinks as well and they’ll go up in the rankings. The backlink you’re getting from those website will be more valuable for your website.

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