Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Green World African Region

The Development of the Green World African Region

The development of this region is attached to great importance by the Green World Corporation. This area is one of the most significant regions in the Global Strategic System of Green World which makes business viable for our MLM and Network Marketing Distributors. We may say that it locates at the center of the Global Market of Green World and is forecast-ed to generate an extra income for those who par-take in our business opportunity.

Instructed by the strategic vision, we set up the Headquarters of the Green World African Region in Johannesburg, the economic center of South Africa, which is followed by southern African area, western African area and Eastern African area. The vigorous development of our career in Africa makes more countries and people share excellent Green World Products and Green World Services.

In future, areas interaction and network resource interaction will appear in the whole African region thus growing the MLM and Network Marketing Opportuniies. We believe that there must be a glorious future of Green World in Africa as well as the world.

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Green World African Region

Green World Southern African Region includes:
Green World Botswana
Green World Congo Brazzaville
Green World Congo Kinshasa
Green World Lesotho
Green World Namibia
Green World South Africa
Green World Swaziland
Green World Zambia

Green World Western African Region includes:
Green World Benin
Green World Cameroon
Green World Cote d'Ivoire
Green World Nigeria
Green World Sierra Leone
Green World Togo

Green World Eastern African Region includes:
Green World Kenya

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