Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green World Senior Distributor Conference in Congo-Brazzaville

Getting Together, Raising Morale; Planning Jointly; Growing Together...

On April 18, 2012, Green World Congo-Brazzaville Branch Senior Distributor Conference was successfully held. Deng Yongjun, manager of Green World Congo -Brazzaville Branch, and seventeen senior distributors got together and carried out an in-depth discussion on affairs of Congo-Brazzaville Branch.

“Getting Together, Raising Morale; Planning Jointly; Growing Together”. With a clear theme and rich content, this conference got a great response among the distributors.

At the beginning of the conference, every distributor present gave a short speech about their status, problems they experienced, suggestions, etc.

In an active atmosphere, all distributors spoke enthusiastically as they introduced their multi-level marketing development status. They discussed the current market conditions of Green World Congo-Brazzaville Branch, existing problems, education and training, and their views and suggestions about the branch office’s future development, etc.

Manager Deng Yongjun listened to the distributors’ speeches carefully, took a detailed note on every distributor’s speech, and then summarized their speeches. .

Manager Deng Yongjun affirmed the speeches and highlighted how necessary it is for a leader to know the current condition and market clearly. The distributor’s had a common theme that came across during their speeches – all the distributors had paid attention to the market conditions and education and training. This gave a positive signal to the branch office of who Green World Congo-Brazzaville’s leaders are.

Manager Deng made a concluding statement and answered the problems raised by distributors in detail. Problems raised should be solved.

Manager Deng Yongjun chaired this conference.

Based on the problems raised by distributors which were in contrast with the business strategy and future development direction of the branch, Manager Deng answered all the questions concerning four themes: Green World Company, Green World Products, Network Marketing Education, and service.

Firstly, the branch management is devoted to developing Green World Congo-Brazzaville into the leader of direct selling industry in Congo-Brazzaville, regardless of its current image and strength which will vastly improve over time. As a large transnational company, Green World's Corporate image is of vital importance. In accordance with the vision, the branch has designede an overall renovation and make-over plan on its external image. Distributors and future clients would see a brand new Green World Congo-Brazzaville branch in the near future.

Secondly, according to the sales of Green World Products and customer feedback, the branch has ordered a new batch of products from Green World Headquarters. This order includes Green World Products that are high in demand and also a multiple range of new products to the Congo-Brazzaville market. This strategic move is to ensure the purchase demand of distributors is met with a supply of Green World’s Health Supplements and Products.

Thirdly, education and training plays an important role in the direct selling and sales industry. A direct sales culture, training on the products, business plan, and motivation system cannot be regarded as in-depth training and are a long way from teaching distributors to build huge income generating organisations. The distributors acknowledged the importance of education and training and all expressed that they would actively participate in the training offered by the branch and organise network marketing training with staff member of this branch.

Furthermore, the branch would further train present lecturers and select some new lecturers to form an excellent lecturer and training team of Green World Congo-Brazzaville. Discussion of forming an assessment system to reward excellent lecturers also took place. With enough manpower and a dedicated team, in the near future the branch will be able to hold large-scale training conferences and seminars at regular intervals.

Every staff member of the Green World Congo-Brazzaville Branch would adhere to stricter standards while striving to improve service quality and provide a better business environment for distributors and clients.

The excellent explanation of Manager Deng won warm applauses of all who attended the conference. Existing problems and issues have been addressed and are all in the pipeline of being resolved. Questions and doubt that was amongst the distributors has also been resolved as they expressed that they would follow and help lead the Green World Congo-Brazzaville Branch to great success.

Getting Together, Raising Morale; Planning Jointly; Growing Together. This conference lasted for 3 hours, and had a significant effect. Green World Congo-Brazzaville Branch and a vast number of distributors will unite together, to take strides and arrive at new business climax.

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