Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green World Social Network Marketing

Green World Social Network Marketing and Team Building

Green World staff on a spring trip
and in 6 months earn a bonus trip to China
The Rich Life of Green World

The rapid development of Green World relies both on Green World Distributors and the staff of Green World to remain dedicated and focused. To guarantee the success of the company and it's rapid growth, Green World staff  unite together and strive hard for greater progress.

Life is however not only about hard work. They say "work hard and play even harder", and that's exactly what the staff members did on April 29th, 2012. The Green World Management Team organized a spring trip to Badaling Great Wall and Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijng, in order to enrich the lives of the staff. Nearly 100 personnel actively signed up and spent a fruitful day engaging in activities.

Badaling Great Wall of China

Badaling Great Wall was the first stop of the spring trip. Although I was mentally prepared for the hustle and bustle awaiting us, I was still shocked when we arrived at the place and saw huge crowds of people coming and going. But none of us were at all bothered by the crowds  and proceeded straight ahead without rest. We climbed up to the top of “Hero Slope”. After a morning’s climbing-up, everyone was all wet with sweat and others out of breath.

At 'Hero Slope' of our climb, I was able to look into the distance while enjoying the crisp fresh air. Below my feet, The Great Wall of China  looked just like a huge dragon, wriggling up and down, circling round and round. Such an amazing sight.

While overlooking the magnificent towering Great Wall which witnessed countless vicissitudes, a kind of lofty sentiment spontaneously arose in my heart . Almost like a moment of clarity my views and thoughts suddenly became more vivid and more clear.

That moment was somewhat short lived as we needed to make our way back down.  The stairs down were so steep that we had to support each other by hand. Not sure which was better though, the journey up or the one down.

Badaling Wildlife Park

Here in the park, following the tour route, we were blended into the world of animals. Scattered among hills and wildernesses where quite a few Romanesque animal ferity recovery fields in which tigers, lions and wolves preyed. Another eye-opener was me seeing a few rare white tigers walking in the luxuriant woods. Each scenic spot caused cells of happiness to sparkle. Everybody laughed a hearty laugh while roaming around the park, deeply immersed in the embrace of nature, and enjoying the easiness and pleasure brought by this trip. Our unified Green World T-shirts also formed a beautiful scene.

One day’s cheerful journey was a success and when we unwillingly said goodbye to each other. I urge all Green World staff members and Green World Distributors to stay happy, keep a moved feeling in their hearts, pass confidence on to others and stay true to their dreams. With the successful holding of this spring trip, inter-colleague relationships was greatly cemented, and a sense of responsibility and cohesion has further emerged.

We all expressed the hope that we would continue to climb up the mountain of career and forge ahead bravely in future work. With this conviction in heart, we are bound to unite all the more and get fully equipped for a new voyage. This spring trip fully unfolds the glamour of Green World’s Corporate Culture.

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