Thursday, May 31, 2012

The silent treatment

We’ve talked for two hours, his heart rate was going 150 bpm and he’d call us the next day to tell us he wanted to sign up and he already knew five people to join his business. It sounds too good to be true and so it was. It’s been two weeks and we haven’t spoken to him ever since. For some reason people are finding it hard to disappoint us. Personally I’d have the decency to explain why I changed my mind but for others just giving you the silent treatment is a better solution.

I’m really wondering why people are so enthusiastic and when they leave something happens and they change their minds. Of course me and my brother discussed this. First we were like we shouldn’t let people leave without signing up but then we realized that we were forcing people to sign up that way. It would be like, ‘hey how are you doing, I have something for you’. When they walk into your door they will never leave without being signed to something they maybe never wanted. It’s frustrating that people are interested and then all of the sudden they change their mind but it is their decision.

What’s going wrong here? How can we prevent that people go from positive to negative so fast, even before trying to earn money with the network marketing business opportunity. A better question would be, what changes their mind? There is something to network marketing that people are finding scary. To be honest I was skeptical in the beginning as well. I thought it sounded great but I also thought it was too good to be true. When I took a closer look at some network marketing companies and also read some testimonials and some stories of well know network marketers I started to believe the power of a MLM business opportunity.

Unfortunately we didn’t hear/learn why our friends changed their minds so we have to find the answer to that question elsewhere. Just like I did some research about MLM and about different network marketing companies I’ll do some research for reasons why people quit MLM. I’ll be writing about my conclusions in the next post.

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