Saturday, September 22, 2012

Green World Lagos Nigeria Senior Distributors in South Africa

Green World Lagos Nigeria Senior Distributors in South Africa

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The Tour to South Africa of Green World Group Senior Distributors from Lagos, NigeriaOn August 13th, 2012, Green World Group senior distributors of Lagos, Nigeria landed in Johannesburg and began their six-day tour of the “Rainbow Nation”. It was the fourth time Green World Group South Africa Branch received senior distributors from Nigeria.

On arriving at the airport, Lagos senior distributors could not restrain the excitement and took out their cameras to record the thrill for landing in such a beautiful country in the southern-most part of Africa. Mr. Lei Guo, the manager of Green World Group South Africa Johannesburg Branch as well as senior distributors of South Africa held a warm welcome ceremony for distributors coming far from Nigeria at the head office of Green World African Region. In the reception meeting, Lagos distributors were communicating with Green World South Africa distributors while enjoying the elaborately served dessert. Warm reception and fancy dessert made Lagos distributors relaxed after a long flight. The Lagos distributors could not hold back their excitement and extended heart-felt appreciation for the thoughtful reception of the South Africa Branch. In the evening, Mr. Lei Guo, the manager of South Africa Johannesburg Branch as well as the staff of the Johannesburg Branch held a grand welcome dinner party for the Lagos distributors at the Garden Lodge where the distributors stayed.

In the following four days, Green World Group Nigeria Lagos distributors started their tour in South Africa. They successively visited the modern fantastic Sun City, a wildlife zoo, then a magnificent and solemn residential palace in Pretoria. Of coarse not forgetting the luxury and gorgeous Monte Casino in Johannesburg and so on. Every place they visited left beautiful memories in their hearts. Lagos distributors enjoyed the pleasant tour and were touched by what they received from the Green World South Africa Group.

It happened to be the 5th Anniversary Ceremony of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch. Thus at the end of the tour, Lagos distributors were invited to attend this ceremony and made a speech. Mr. Ademola Adbulraham Adekunle stated the huge fortune and big success he had gained through Green World Group which shocked every South Africa distributor present. Everybody decided to take the Lagos distributor as an example and make excellent achievements regardless of difficulties and hardships.

The cheerful and successful tour to South Africa greatly inspired distributors from both Lagos and South Africa. All the distributors have strong faith in the future development of Green World Group and will work even harder on their Green World business. The Headquarter of Africa and South Africa Branch are expecting that more and more senior distributor representatives from Nigeria could have extensive interaction and communication with local distributors. South Africa, also named the “Rainbow Nation” is welcoming Green World friends from every part of the world in a generous gesture to strive for the development and prosperity of the Green World Group.

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