Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Green World Group Headquarters Spring Festival 2011-2012

Green World Group Spring Festival Party

The 2011-20012 festival was successfully held at the Green World Group Headquarters, which was filled with a strong spring, festal, warm and joyful atmosphere. Ms. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, and the whole staff from the Headquarters of Green World gathered there. Everyone got to sharpen their social network marketing skill and fully enjoyed this moment which was full of cheers and laughter.

At the beginning of the party, President Deming Li delivered a warm speech in which she expressed her deep gratitude to the hard-working domestic and overseas staff and wished everyone success in work, good luck in everything, a happy and harmonious family and a good Spring Festival with the family! President Li’s speech warmed everyone’s heart and won every participant’s applause and cheers! Green World African Region, Green World Eurasian Region, Green World Southeast Asian Region and Green Wold South Asian Region, sent their greetings in succession and expressed their best wishes to the company in the Lunar New Year.

The excellent cultural performance began with a passionate song performed by Zhao Zhenkai, a staff from computation department, which stired the passion of the whole audience. There were too many excellent performances to enjoy and the hall was full of cheers and laughter. Regularly being exposed to such an uplifting environment can "improve my health" drastically. The joyous songs and excellent lucky draw continuously won warm applause. The whole staff of Green World showed their talents to everybody, which fully demonstrated the positive and scintillating spirit feature of Green World People and also brought infinite joy for everyone.

Everyone sincerely communicated and encouraged each other. In this cold winter, Green World People built the warm and sweet atmosphere by the spirit of unity and cooperation. It was such a team and such an atmosphere that made all Green World People believe that we would see more beautiful rising sun and gain more plentiful fruits tomorrow! This warm and passionate party made every present staff feel: a new starting point has began!

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