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Green World Conference in Brazzaville Congo

Green World Congo Conference

Poto-Poto Conference of Green World Congo Brazzaville Branch On Dececember 3, 2011, Green World Congo Brazzaville Branch held the market propaganda conference in Poto-Poto district of Brazzaville, the capital of Congo Brazzaville. Ms. Wendy Hao, the general manager of Green World Congo Brazzaville Branch, Ms. Zhongjia Lin, the financial manager, Mr. Long Feng, the manager of the computation department and the local staff of the branch attended this conference and invited the distinguished guests, like Malonga Daniel, the outstanding product lecturer, Fouka Gaetan, Mabila David and Nord Pungu, the storekeepers of the Poto,Poto Green World Specialty Stores. More than 150 people attended this conference.

Poto-Poto conference site is next to a Green World Specialty Store. This conference had gotten substantial support of Nord Pungu, the storekeeper. At the early stage of the conference, the distributors provided good services and detailed explanations to the participants representing Green World. This propaganda conference encountered heavy rains, but the participants still came in constant streams and showed great interest in the idea and products of the company.

In the conference hall, the distributors were providing good services. Outside of the conference hall, cars were going to and fro in constant streams. When the conference had just begun, Garcia, the local staff member of the branch, made an opening speech as the host to welcome the participants and thank them for coming. Garcia pointed out that the conference was held to let more people know Green World and share in the joys of health and wealth.

Next, Ms. Wendy Hao, the branch manager, gave a speech to warmly welcome the present participants and briefly introduced Green World Group, its products and idea's to everyone. Her speech focused on both health and wealth being indispensable. All seats in the conference hall were occupied.

Upon finishing her speech, the audiences could not wait to know more about the business plan and products of the company. Then, Garcia, the conference host and excellent staff members of the branch, explained the Green World Business Plan. Any success depends upon previous preparations. Green World represents health and wealth, and GARCIA illustrated how to get these in detail.

Next, Malonga, who is an excellent lecturer, explained Green World Products to the audiences. His simple and humorous words won thunderous applauses and greatly aroused the interest of audiences off the stage. He explained the effects and efficacies of the company products clearly and logically, and during his explanation, many audiences proposed some questions about health. Health is worth everyone to share, invest in and dutifully take-care of.

Mabiala, the storekeeper, firstly shared his story with us when the conference went to the sharing of personal experiences. He became a storekeeper of Green World from an ordinary distributor, which affirmed the ideals of Green World, that is - Green World can benefit others and be a winning MLM and Network Marketing Opportunity. The living story made every audience member have more confidence in Green World.

The significance of Joining Green World is not only to bring wealth and health to you but also foster one’s growth and success. Fouaka Gaetan, also a storekeeper, who was one of the best distributors and friend of Green World Congo Brazzaville Branch community. He also shared his experience with us. Mr. Fouaka Gaetan was full of personal stories experienced in his time with Green World. His sharing filled the audience with confidence as he too benefited from Green World.

Before the end of the conference, there was a question-and-answer ssession. The participants asked questions actively, the host and Dr.Malonga, the excellent lecturer, answered patiently. Dr.Malonga also gave specific and professional revolutionary suggestions for every questioner and recommended Green World Products to them.

Finally, Ms. Wendy Hao gave a short summary of the conference and announced a successful end to the conference. The branch office prepared a Green World Product as a gift for every participant to let more people know and Join Green World by taking Green World Products. The conference staves handed out Green World Products to the audience.

Green World has branches all over the world and is gong to show a globally booming development like a single spark can start a fire. As a branch of Green World Group, Congo Brazzaville Branch is on the upgrade. Green World has won every customer by its high quality products and gone around the world with a belief of people-oriented and honesty first. It is believed that Green World will go farther and farther and achieve greater success persistently. Let more Green World Distributors gain health and make their dreams come true:

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